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At a cemetery, lives are commemorated, deaths are recorded, families are reunited, memories are made tangible and love is undisguised.  Communities accord respect, families bestow reverence, historians seek information and our heritage is thereby enriched.

Testimonies of devotion, pride and remembrance are carved in stone to pay warm tribute to accomplishments and to the life - not death - of a loved one.  The cemetery is homeland for family memorials that are a sustaining source of comfort to the living.

A cemetery is a history of people; a perpetual record of yesterday and a sanctuary of peace and quiet today.  A cemetery exists because every life is worth remembering - always.

As a convenience we have included a listing of many of the local cemeteries in our area. A growing number of cemeteries are beginning to publish their own web sites to allow visitors to learn more about their services, fees and applicable bylaws. 


Bayport Cemetery  
Bayport NS
Phone: (902) 766-4752
Contact: Edgar Gerhardt


Blockhouse Cemetery  
Blockhouse NS
Phone: (902) 624-8292
Contact: Harry Aulenbach
Garden of Rest Cemetery  
Blockhouse NS
Phone: (902) 624-8292
Contact: Harry Aulenbach

 East LaHave

Creek Hill Cemetery  
East LaHave NS
Phone: (902) 634-3038
Contact: James Ernst
Riverside Cemetery  
East LaHave NS
Phone: (902) 766-4816
Contact: Fenton Dibbin


Dayspring Cemetery  
Dayspring NS
Phone: (902) 543-5935
Alternate Phone: (902) 543-4707
Contact: Ralph Getson
Contact: Richard Penny

 Feltzen South

Feltzen South Cemetery  
Feltzen South NS
Phone: (902) 766-4695
Contact: Frances Creaser

 First South

First South Cemetery  
First South NS
Phone: (902) 634-3675
Contact: Everett Lohnes

 Garden Lots

Garden Lots Cemetery  
Garden Lots NS
Phone: (902) 634-3040
Contact: Eric Walters

 Rose Bay

Harbour View Cemetery  
Rose Bay NS
Phone: (902) 766-4748
Contact: Sylvia Knox

 Heckman's Island

Heckmen's Island Cemetery  
Heckman's Island NS
Phone: (902) 634-3492
Contact: Vivian Tanner


Hillcrest Cemetery  
Kaulback Street Lunenburg NS
Phone: (902) 634-4410
Contact: Town of Lunenburg

 Lower Kingsburg

Lakeview Cemetery  
Lower Kingsburg NS
Phone: (902) 766-4766
Contact: Lynn Mossman

 Blue Rocks

Lower Blue Rocks Cemetery  
Blue Rocks NS
Phone: (902) 634-8591
Contact: Delma Allen
Upper Blue Rocks Cemetery  
Blue Rocks NS
Phone: (902) 634-9180
Contact: Errol Knickle

 Lower LaHave

Lower LaHave Cemetery  
Lower LaHave NS
Phone: (902) 766-4734
Contact: Dwight Eisenhauer

 Martin's Brook

Martin's Brook Cemetery  
Martin's Brook NS
Phone: (902) 634-8239
Contact: Marilyn Tanner

 Middle LaHave

Middle LaHave Cemetery  
Middle LaHave NS
Phone: (902) 766-4376
Alternate Phone: (902) 7664155
Contact: Irene Campbell
Contact: Gorden Demone

 Indian Point

Park Cemetery  
Indian Point NS
Phone: (902) 624-6413
Contact: Frederick Hyson


Seaside Cemetery  
Kingsburg NS
Phone: (902) 766-4766
Contact: Lynn Mossman

 Second Peninsula

Second Peninsula Cemetery  
Second Peninsula NS
Phone: (902) 634-4236
Contact: Wilfred Stevens


Shepherd's Hill Cemetery  
Riverport NS
Phone: (902) 766-4428
Contact: Max Mosher

 Rhodes Corner

Silver's cemetery  
Rhodes Corner NS
Phone: (902) 543-2015
Contact: Anita Oickle
St. Matthew's Cemetery  
Rhodes Corner NS
Phone: (902) 543-4053
Contact: Marjorie Randall


Sunny Valley Cemetery  
Centre NS
Phone: (902) 634-3675
Contact: Everett Lohnes


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